Tradition of Excellence

From the Principal

Greetings Fellow Warriors

Thank you so much for allowing me to be a part of the SHS family - it is such an honor. I don’t just enjoy education and I don’t just like working with teachers, students, and communities, I literally crave it!

As Smithville High School Principal, please let me introduce myself. My name is Dr. Mike Bartig, I lept into a career in education with the Troy School District in 1988 where I taught high school science. In 1997, I started serving as a school leader working in Troy, Kirksville, and Kearney, Missouri. I have worked as Assistant High School Principal (Troy), Middle School Principal (Kirksville) and Director of Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment (Kirksville and Kearney). I am so proud to have been associated with great schools, teachers, administrators, and students - these experiences have certainly prepared me to serve you.

My wife Amy and I have been married 28 years and we have two children: Laura, age 19 and Carter, age 7 - how's that for family planning? My hobbies and interests include: music, fly fishing, archery, auto racing, and honestly, any activity that our kids are involved in. I look forward to sharing in the interests of Smithville students, parents, and community members.

The strides SHS students and educators have made across academics, the arts, and athletics are incredible. I am blessed to be part of the Smithville community and enjoy working with Smithville students, parents, and the community.

Of course, the achievement of Smithville High School students is priority number one, yet, I am convinced hope, acceptance, and high expectations are rudimentary to student success. Consequently, I will work hard to ensure staff are supported, parents are heard, and students are provided the best education possible.

Open lines of communication are important to me so if you have a question, suggestion or concern, there are three ways to contact me:

1.      Email me at

2.      Call  (816) 532-0405 SHS Office

               (660) 988-4186 Cellular
               (816) 903-5757 Home

3.      Follow me on Twitter @ DrBartig

Tradition, Compassion, and Pride, I feel a strong emotional attachment to that charge, and the school district to which it is home. I hope that you do, too.


Mike Bartig

Dr. Mike Bartig