Client Connected Projects
  • Mayor Damien Boley speaks to 3(B) Introduction to Business students about Information Technology as a career path, as well as Government and Public Administration.

Client Connected Projects

  • As part of our Real World Learning efforts, we are tasked with helping our students with career exploration and providing real world learning experiences.  We're currently piloting client-connected projects at the high school as part of an Introduction to Business Class.  These are projects in which students solve authentic problems in collaboration with professionals from an industry of interest to them. 

    Business partners visited the classroom and spoke about their career path, giving the students insights into their daily tasks, education requirements, and skills needed, among other things.  Afterwards, they met with their assigned groups to discuss the client project and begin work.

    Student groups work on authentic problems and projects presented by their clients, such as:
    • Analyzing and summarizing analytics data to better understand website traffic
    • Creating awareness and engagement for a local community event with well-designed marketing collateral
    • Creating a marketing plan for an expanding, multi-location business
    • Event planning
    The Smithville business community has stepped up in a big way to support our real world learning efforts.  In doing so, our students are connecting their in-class learning to relevant real world situations, all while learning about themselves and potential careers.