New Student Registration

    To accelerate the enrollment process, please scan and email to or fax to 816-532-3210, the new student enrollment forms provided below.
    After all enrollment forms and school records are received, a Counselor will call to schedule an appointment. If you have any questions, please call 816-532-1122.
    These documents, provided by parent/guardian, are required for registration:
    • Birth certificate issued by Bureau of Vital Statistics (baptismal/hospital certificates are not acceptable) 
    • Proof of parent/guardian residency (Electric, gas, sewer, or water utility statement, or current residential lease agreement) 
    • Up-to-Date Immunization records 
    • Student's Social Security Card (number) is desired, not required
    Please make us aware of any of the following situations: A copy of the section of the dissolution decree (not the petition) which stipulates custody in cases of parent divorce. Written documentation in the case of a guardian with power of attorney. 
    Under Missouri School Law (RSMo 167.151), a student must live within a school district in order to attend that district's public schools without charge. "The term residency shall mean that a person both physically resides within a school district and is domiciled within that district. The domicile of a minor child shall be the domicile of a parent or court-appointed legal guardian. The student and parent must provide proof of residency in the district."
    Please print the forms below and return to the address above: 
              Records Request Form - click here
              New Student Enrollment Form - click here
              Student Health Form - click here
              Class Request Form - click 6th Grade, 7th Grade or 8th Grade 
              Proof of Residency - click here 
              Statement of Discipline - click here 
              Supply List - click here - for your information   

District Registration Forms and Files

Middle School Registration Forms and Files