New Student Registration

  • The secretary or principal is available to answer your questions about curriculum and the enrollment process. The student may attend when all enrollment paperwork and required documents have been provided. 
    Under Missouri School Law (RSMo 167.151), a student must live within a school district in order to attend that district's public schools without charge: "The term residency shall mean that a person both physically resides within a school district and is domiciled within that district. The domicile of a minor child shall be the domicile of a parent or court-appointed legal guardian. The student and parent must provide proof of residency in the district." 

    These documents, provided by parent/guardian, are required for registration:

    • Birth certificate issued by Bureau of Vital Statistics (baptismal/hospital certificates are not acceptable)
    • Proof of parent/guardian residency (A recent electric, gas, sewer or water bill, a current residental lease agreement signed by the resident and landlord or a residential purchase agreement.)
    • Up-to-Date Immunization records

    Please make us aware of any of the following situations:

    • A copy of the section of the dissolution decree (not the petition) which stipulates custody in cases of parent divorce
    • Written documentation in the case of a guardian with power of attorney.
    Please print off and complete all required forms as well as any optional forms that apply to your child and bring them with you to expedite the registration process. If you have any questions, please call 816-532-4566.
    PLEASE NOTE: To access a particular form, simply click the group heading to expand and display the list of forms in that category. Click again to contract the listing.
    All items marked (Required) under both the District and Horizon Elementary Registration Form headings must be completed.
    Please click this link to access the 2019-2020 HES New Student Enrollment Packet that contains all required documents.

District Registration Forms and Files

Horizon Elementary Forms and Files