Basketball - Girls



    Girl's Basketball has three competitive teams that compete in up to a 12 game season with 2 tournaments. Each team will compete on the same days against the same opponents except for tournaments. The basketball season typically begins the last week of October and lasts up to the end of January. Since basketball has restrictions on player game participation and substitutions, there is a limited number of available roster spots for the teams. This may lead to the coaches conducting try-outs based on the number of students who choose to participate.  

    Practices will be held in the Smithville Middle School gym or the Upper Elementary Gym. Practices are either held before school beginning at 6:00 am or immediately after school until between 4:30 and 5:30 pm. All home games are played at the Smithville Middle School Gym and start between 4:00 and 4:30 pm.  

    All participants need to have a MSHSAA sanctioned physical before they can begin participation. In addition all players must have 14 practices before competing in the first MSHSAA sanctioned event. Lastly all participants are responsible for purchasing their own tennis shoes. All participants need to fulfill the academic eligibility requirements set forth by MSHSAA and the Smithville School District. 

Girls BB Contacts

  • Aaron Bowlin
    Megan Heffley
    Amanda McCluskey
    Assistant Coaches