Welcome to Smithville High School

  • It is our pleasure to welcome all parents and students to Smithville High School. The teachers, staff, and administrators at Smithville High School are dedicated to accelerating the achievement of every student in every classroom, every day, no matter what! This year our theme is "Be the ONE" as we tackle starting the school year after ending 2019-2020 in a pandemic.  We hope to partner with our families and the community to provide the best experience we can for our students as we incorporate social distancing and mask-wearing.

    Smithville High School maintains a proud tradition of academic excellence. Academic success for every student is a result of high standards, support, positive relationships with students, and strong partnerships with parents. Our school offers a variety of co-curricular activities for students and we encourage you to participate. Participation in co-curricular activities enriches the high school experience. We have established three expectations for our learning community to achieve our academic and co-curricular goals:


    • Be Respectful
    • Be Responsible
    • Be Safe


    Based on these expectations students will benefit from a positive and safe learning environment. We are “Warrior STRONG” and we want our staff, students, parents, and guests to feel a sense of pride and camaraderie when on our campus.  Therefore, we maintain high standards of respect and kindness for persons and property.  We will follow our Warrior Strong Code which outlines expected behaviors both on and off our campus.  We are proud to serve the students and families of Smithville. Please do not hesitate to stop in or call if you have questions or need assistance. We look forward to a successful year together as Warriors!

    Dr. Tracy Platt

    Principal, Smithville High School


    Twitter: @FinishSTRONGSHS

    Facebook: @SHSWarriorStrong

    Instagram: @WarriorStrongSHS