Welcome to the Smithville School District Foundation

  • The purpose of the Smithville R-II School District Foundation, Inc. is to accept charitable contributions from private individuals, businesses, and other organizations that seek to provide resources beyond tax funding.
    Our Objectives:
    • Promote excellence through special programs and funds.
    • Strengthen ties between the District and the community.
    • Promote continuing education by providing scholarship funds.
    • Generate and guide alternative resources to expand educational opportunities
    The Smithville R-II School District Foundation is a not-for-profit organization that has been approved as a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt entity. As such, contributions to the Foundation typically provide tax benefits to the contributor. The Foundation is associated with, but separate from the Smithville R-II School District. Foundation funds will not be utilized for general district operating expenses or to replace any diminishing public funds. 
    How are contributions used?
    Any and all funds contributed to the Smithville R-II School District Foundation will be directly utilized to benefit students in the Smithville School District either through improved classroom instruction or post-secondary financial assistance.
    Donations shall be placed in one of the following categories, depending upon specifications and restrictions attached to the donation:
    • Student Scholarships
    • Grants for Education
    • Capital Improvements
    • General
    Contributions to the Smithville R-II School District Foundation are tax-deductible to the extent allowed for income, estate, and gift tax purposes. Contact your tax consultant for more information. 
    Contributions to the Foundation may take many forms, including:
    • One-Time Gifts of cash, securities, etc.
    • Deferred Gifts through bequests, trusts, life insurance policies, etc.
    • Targeted Gifts designated to support a particular program of interest.
    • Memorial Gifts to honor the memory of a relative, friend, or special educator.
    • Special Gifts involving unusual or atypical circumstances.
    To make a donation or to receive additional information, please contact the Foundation by phone at 816.532.0406, or visit our online donation page.
    The Smithville Education Foundation accepts nominations for the Alumni Wall of Fame year round.  Click here to access the nomination form
    Smithville R-II School District Foundation, INC.
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