About Our Department

  • Smithville School nurses welcome you to our website.

    The vision of the Health Services Dept. is to: 
    Promote the safety, health and wellness of all students and staff at Smithville Public Schools

    If you have questions or concerns regarding your student, feel free to contact the nurse where your student attends school. 
    8th grade Tdap booster (tetanus, diphtheria, pertussis, and MCV(Meningococcal vaccine)) is required before entering in the 8th grade. Is your child up to date? For more information visit health.mo.gov 
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    Guidelines to help stay healthy during FLU season this year:
    The American Academy of Pediatrics updated its annual influenza season guidelines, withdrawing the child-friendly nasal flu vaccine, FluMist, this year. The vaccine has been deemed largely ineffective by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, leaving traditional shots as the only vaccination option. Here’s what you need to know to stay ahead this flu season.



    The Safe Snack Guide

    A catalog of commonly available foods that we continually update throughout the year. In addition to helping families, the Guide is intended as a resource for schools, youth sports leagues, scouting groups, clubs, parties, play dates and other events where snacks may be consumed in the presence of children with food allergies.

    For a list of SAFE Snacks visit SnackSafely.com.

  • Students can get sick with influenza, or the "flu" and schools can become a place where students can easily spread flu-like symptoms to staff, other students, and their families.  To learn more about the influenza virus, click on the heading above.