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    On November 8, 2016, voters in the Smithville School District will be asked to consider two questions:  (1) a no tax rate increase bond issue; and (2) a 79 cent increase levy issue. The no tax bond would provide $12.5 million in funds for renovations to Smithville Primary Elementary School, Smithville Upper Elementary School, Smithville Middle School and Smithville High School. In addition, the no tax bond would result in an expansion project at Smithville High School to provide much needed classroom and cafeteria spaces. The 79 cent levy issue will provide just over $20 million in funds for the construction and operation of an additional elementary school.
    Both questions are intended to provide adequate instructional space and premier learning environments for our growing student population. 
    Question 1 Question 1
    Shall the Smithville R-II School District issue its general obligations bonds in the amount of $12,500,000 for the purpose of constructing, improving, furnishing and equipping school facilities, including renovating the Primary Elementary School, classroom additions and renovations at the High School, roofing and asphalt improvements, and security enhancements, resulting in no estimated increase in the District’s debt service tax levy?
    Question 2
    Question 2 
    To provide funds for constructing, furnishing, equipping, operating and maintaining a third elementary school, shall the Board of Education of the Smithville R-II School District be authorized to increase the District’s operating tax levy ceiling by $0.79 per one hundred dollars of assessed valuation, such levy increase to terminate after the earlier of (1) a period of 25 years, or (2) full payment of any obligations issued to construct, furnish and equip such third elementary school?
    Be an educated voter when you cast your ballot on November 8.
    Dr. Todd Schuetz, Superintendent of Schools
    Mr. Wayne Krueger, Assistant Superintendent for Support Services
    Dr. Michelle Kratofil, Assistant Superintendent for Academic Services