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Early Childhood Special Education



Smithville Early Childhood Special Education (ECSE) is a program that provides services to children with developmental delays who live in the Smithville School District. Children must meet specific criteria to qualify for Early Childhood Special Education services. To qualify, a child must be between the ages of three and five, but not yet age-eligible for kindergarten, and demonstrate significant delays in at least one key developmental area. Children are assessed for delays in the areas of:

  • Cognitive (thinking skills),
  • Communication (articulation, language, and fluency skills),
  • Adaptive (self-help),
  • Social/Emotional (social/play skills and behavior) and
  • Physical (fine and gross motor skills). 

Once a child has been determined eligible for services, an IEP (Individual Education Program) is developed to plan the child’s services. All services are to be delivered in the Least Restrictive Environment, and this placement is reassessed at least once each year.