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Board of Education: April Meeting Highlights

BOARD HIGHLIGHTS - April 14, 2021


Consent Agenda Items

The Board approved the following consent agenda items. 

  1. Approve Bills for Payment
  2. April Supplemental Pay
  3. Kagan Cooperative Learning Training Agreement
  4. 2021-2022 Panorama Contract


Girls Cross Country

The Board honored the Girls Cross Country team that placed 4th at State this past fall.  


Board Priorities

  1. Kim Davis provided an update on hiring as we are reaching the peak of the season. (BOE Priority #3).  
  2. Andrea Ambroson updated the Board regarding the expansion of preschool programming. (BOE Priority #6).


Assistant Superintendent for Academic Services Comments

Dr. Michelle Kratofil updated the Board on upcoming MAP testing.  Testing will begin at the elementary buildings the last week of April.  The middle school begins the first week of May and the high school begins the second week of May.  In addition to our in-person students, testing has been arranged for virtual students.  Mandatory training of staff began this week in preparation for test administration.


We have several applicants for the K-12 Real World Learning and Community Partnership Facilitator.  Interviews for qualified candidates will begin next week and a recommendation will be brought to the Board in May. 


The Board was reminded of the Excellence in Education banquet which will be held in the high school cafeteria on April 27 at 5:45 pm and of graduation which will be held at Cable Dahmer Arena in Independence on May 22 at 7 pm.


Construction Update

Robert Hedgecorth, Executive Director of Support Services, provided a summary of the progress on the district’s building projects.  The classroom additions at Eagle Heights are more than halfway completed.  The building is now enclosed so weather will no longer be an issue.  The deadline for completion has been moved up to June.  Regarding the activity center, the bid process has been completed and a bid package was considered by the Board later in the agenda.  The groundbreaking will be held in May.  The Board opted to have a public groundbreaking to allow the community to observe and participate. Lastly, playground updates will be completed over the summer.

Program Evaluations

Denise Harwood, Director of Student Services, and Robert Hedgecorth presented the Safety Program Evaluation to the Board.  Scott Haggerty asked about the plan to address traffic on the main campus during secondary drop off.  Mr. Hedgecorth reported that drop off times have been adjusted at the middle school this week to allow for an earlier drop off so that traffic is not as concentrated. We have already seen significant improvements just in the past few days.  He also suggested that a traffic study be conducted in the next phase of the Master Building Plan.                    


Old Business 

General Financial Review

During the month of March, we received $2,430,574.05; making a total of $44,034,986.80 received since July 1, 2020.  Expenditures for March were $3,666,393.30 making a total of $24,300,316.83 expended since July 1, 2020.


Patrons can access the revenue report, expenditure report, and check register for the district on the district webpage under Departments and Business & Finance.


Update on Enrollment

The current district enrollment is 2649. 


COVID Update

The administration provided a brief update on COVID mitigation matters as secondary students returned to 100% attendance on April 5.  Dr. Todd Schuetz reported that students are doing a great job following the protocols and that, as a whole, the district is currently healthy with only one student currently in quarantine.

New Business

2021 Non-Binding Tax Rate

As a result of the August 2020 election, Clay County is now a First Class Charter county.  Which under 137.243 RSMo., requires taxing districts to establish a non-binding tax rate by April 8th every reassessment (odd numbered) years.  Smithville R-II has complied with this per the attached tax calculator.  The intent of the law is to provide patrons with an estimate of tax increases as a result of reassessment.  Unfortunately, we did not receive updated assessed valuation data, therefore, were required to use 2020 data which will change in the fall.  One other change, in the past, the BOE set the tax rate in August to comply with the September 1st deadline, under the new charter, everything is pushed back a month so the tax rate will be set in September for an October 1st deadline.  


2021-2022 Copier RFP Bid Approval

The Board approved the bid as presented. 


2021-2022 Network Erate RFP Bid Approval

The Board approved the bid as presented.


2021-2022 Wireless Erate RFP Bid Approval

The Board approved the bid as presented.


Smithville Activity Center Bid Package

The Board approved the bid as presented. 


Personnel Report

The Board approved the personnel recommendations as presented. 


Personnel Memo -- Gifted Teacher FTE

The Board approved increasing the recently resigned part-time (.8 FTE) gifted teacher position to a full-time (1.0 FTE) position.



  1. Graduation is set for May 22 at 7:00 PM at Cable Dahmer Arena. The Board typically arrives at 6:30 PM to review the ceremony.
  2. A joint Board/City meeting is scheduled for 6:00 PM on 5/4 with a budget workshop to follow, however, we are delaying the joint meeting. So, I would like to move your workshop to 6:00 PM on Monday 5/3.
  3. The Board determined to welcome the community in-person, at limited capacity, to upcoming Board meetings.  In addition, the Board decided to continue streaming the meetings for those who cannot attend in-person.

Meeting adjourned at 8:21 p.m.