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Tradition of Excellence

Tradition of Excellence
Mrs. Joni Collins, Mrs. Leah DeYoung and Mrs. Ashley McWhinnie were presented with the Tradition of Excellence Award yesterday. Please read the nominations below and join us in congratulating them! 

Joni Collins – Early Childhood

Mrs. Joni Collins was nominated by student Sydney Grimm for her ability to create positive partnerships between home, school and the community, which makes for a strong foundation for learning. Mrs. Collins believes that everyone can learn in an emotionally, physically and academically safe environment. She communicates professionally, effectively, and values and respects all students. Her students show continual progress and improvement. 
“She teaches my brother every day and she helps him though everything,” said Grimm. “My brother is almost 5 years old and he can already subtract. Mrs. Collins is a great person and teacher and deserves to be recognized by the students and staff.”

Leah DeYoung – SMS

Mrs. DeYoung was nominated by student Jenna Jennings. Jennings wrote the following about Mrs. DeYoung:
She has been my role model from day one. She has probably been my favorite teacher in my whole middle school career because I can really trust her. I feel like I can have a good, solid one-on-one conversation with her. She is an amazing teacher who gives me so many reasons to be passionate about reading and writing. I can't even count how many times she has recommended a book to me. Mrs. DeYoung is also a great leader in teaching and as a StuCo sponsor. Everyone needs Mrs. DeYoung in their life because she is an absolute rock star.

Ashley McWhinnie – Horizon Elementary

Mrs. McWhinnie was nominated by her former student Brooke Cooper for the positive impact she has on all of her students. She also has positive partnerships between home, school and community, which makes a strong foundation for learning. 
“She was a new teacher whenever I was in her 3rd grade class,” said Cooper. “She always showed each and every child respect and helped everyone equally. I especially remember when she helped me after I fainted and hit my head. She continued to provide a safe and encouraging environment."