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Student Transportation Services Pre-K - 6 Permission to Walk/Bike

Pre-K through 5th Parents and Guardians: 
In recognition of the current safety barriers related to walking and bicycling to and from school, we believe the safest way to arrive or leave school is by district provided transportation or parent/guardian transportation. Therefore, unless a parent has provided written permission for a student to walk or bicycle to or from school, it is prohibited to do so. A parent who wishes to be excused from this procedure and allow their child to walk/bike to and from school must complete a "Permission to Walk/Bike" form before the student is allowed to walk/bike to school. 
The school district acknowledges that parents ultimately have the choice of how children arrive at and leave school; however, if a student walks to or from school and no permission form has been provided, the parent will be contacted and a conference arranged with the building principal.
Click here for additional information, including the Student Transportation Services Pre-K - 6 Permission to Walk/Bike form.