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SSD Received Positive Accreditation Report


The Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) released the Annual Performance Report (APR) which is used to determine the district’s accreditation status.  As in the past, Smithville Schools are fully accredited, and there are many strengths and celebrations revealed in this year’s report.

In the area of Academic Achievement, which at this time is based entirely on the end-of-year Missouri Assessment Program (MAP) tests in English language arts and mathematics, the district has demonstrated growth in individual student achievement that has exceeded statistical expectations for both our student population as a whole and our subgroup.  Inclusion in the subgroup is based upon socio-economics, race, disability, and native language.  In addition, the district’s three-year average of performance is “on track” according to DESE’s measures in all areas except English language arts for our subgroup.

“Both of these achievements are worthy of celebration,” commented Michelle Kratofil, assistant superintendent for academic services.  “We have been implementing a plan to improve instructional practices in both English language arts and mathematics for the past two years and it is gratifying to see the hard work of our teachers, support staff, administrators, and students reflected in our student achievement scores.”

In addition to academic achievement, the APR also reflects attendance rates, graduation rates, and college and career readiness.  The district continues to excel in all three of these areas.  College and career readiness measures include performance in college-level courses such as Advanced Placement and dual credit classes, performance on post-secondary readiness assessments such as the ACT, ACT WorkKeys or ASVAB, performance on industry recognized credentials for students participating in career technical education courses, and post-secondary placement of our graduates in college, vocational training, the military, or the workforce.


At this time, the district’s APR is partially complete as the science data, which was just released this week, will not be added to the calculation until November 23.  The social studies assessment, which is administered in high school civics classes and AP US Government and Politics, was a field test last year, so no data for this assessment will be provided to the district or used in accreditation calculations.