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Class of 2033: Kindergarten Registration, Screening, & Class Placement Reimagined

Hello, Families of the Class of 2033.

An exciting and fun system for screening and assigning kindergarteners to classrooms will take place when school starts this fall.  For the first few days of school, children will rotate through the kindergarten classrooms and Encore classes (art, music, PE, technology and innovation, and library) and be mixed in large and small groups with a variety of new classmates.  Each student will also be screened by school staff during this time.

Through observing and assessing students in the school at the start of the 2020-2021 school year, teachers will have enough information to make informed decisions on class assignments.  During the Welcome to Kindergarten Program, teachers will come to know the whole child, not just their academic strengths, but their personalities and character.

We recognize that some children are nervous when beginning school.  Teachers, principals, and our entire elementary school staff work hard during these first days to help your child feel safe, secure and valued. Students will be able to make many friends and meet many caring adults.  Please watch our elementary school websites for updates on the Warriors Explore Summer Program and to view additional information about the 2020-2021 Welcome to Kindergarten Program.

If you have not already contacted the elementary school where your child will be attending school, please do! 

Eagle Heights Elementary: 816.532.5959
Horizon Elementary: 816.532.4566
Maple Elementary: 816.532.0589


The Warrior Family