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October Newsletter

October Newsletter
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Dear Eagle Heights Elementary Families,

We are off to an amazing start to the school year! Our students have already been engaging in amazing learning experiences and are phenomenal leaders.

Each month, every classroom teacher will give a Warrior Award to a student that shows exemplary characteristics in their classroom. Check out our September Warrior award winners being announced here on video!

Did you know that Eagle Heights Elementary has a news crew? Each morning at approximately 8:50AM, students go live on the "Warrior Wire" on YouTube. The students use a production app that allows opportunities to create live videos. This project is completely student led. We are improving daily. Check out the Warrior Wire here.
Club's Choice delivery will take place for all elementary families on ThursdayOctober 18th from 5:30-7:30 PM at Horizon Elementary.  Money for all sales will be collected on this evening.
Don't forget to save your labels!
✂️Box Tops✂️
️Best Choice UPCs️ 
��Coke Codes��
Send them to school in a plastic bag labeled with your child's name for a chance to win a QT gift card and an extra recess for your child's class!

Eagle Heights Elementary will engage in multi-age F.L.Y. Days and we are looking for Community Partners! 


Family Time
Every student at Eagle Heights Elementary will have an opportunity to engage in multi-age family groups. This group will consist of fifteen kindergarten through sixth grade students that will create a small school family for their career at Eagle Heights Elementary. Students will meet with their family monthly. The goal will be relationship building, mentorship, leadership skill development, and problem solving. We are excited for the mentorship opportunities that this will create among multi-age students and the trust that will be built between the teacher and students for their career at EHE.
Leadership Opportunities
Every student at Eagle Heights Elementary will also be able to hold a leadership job! Students and families are invited to a job fair and curriculum night on November 13th from 5:00-7PM to learn about each job! Students will be able to apply at the job fair and at school! 

Your Passion Time
When can students learn about things that they really want to learn about? What is your child's passion? Students are currently being polled to see what they want to explore! Multi-age groups will meet monthly to explore passions and learn 21st century competencies. 

Example: If fifteen students want to learn about coding, Ms. Rippe would take a group of students and expose the students to coding opportunities and connect learners with experts in this field of work!

We are looking for community partners that have expertise in these areas! Stay tuned on Facebook for opportunities.

Safety Drills
During the year, the staff and students will practice a safety drill to ensure preparation in the case of an intruder.  Teachers will prepare their class with the storybook I'm Not Scared, I'm Prepared by Julia Cook.  Through this book, students learn that ALICE stands for Alert, Lockdown, Inform, Counter, and Evacuate. Classes will practice safely barricading their classrooms.  It is our goal to empower students and staff to be prepared in a crisis.


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at school. 

Don't forget to follow @EHEWarriors on Facebook and Twitter and Eagle Heights Elementary on Youtube. Please reach out if you need anything. Our goal is for your child to love school! 

School Start Time: 
8:45 a.m. (Monday, TuesdayThursday, and Friday)
9:05 a.m. (Wednesday)

School End Time:
3:40 p.m. Monday-Friday

Students being picked up by parents and students riding the buses will be dismissed at 3:35 p.m. 

Standards-Based Grading in the Encore Classes

This year the Encore Team, otherwise known as the Specials Team, is using Standards Based Grading. What this means for your student is that instead of getting a letter grade, they will receive a rating that lets them know their ability level for each standard covered in our classes. We are using a 4 level proficiency scale:             1- little to no mastery of the standard 
2-partial mastery of the standard
3-mastery of the standard
4- exceeds mastery of the standard

When scores are entered into Powerschool for Encore Classes, we will follow this same scale. Assignments will be marked as "not part of final grade" so that a percentage does NOT appear. At any point if you are unsure of why your student received the rating he/she did, please ask them first, and then email Encore teachers for further clarification. The Encore Team is making multiple checks throughout the quarter to help determine the final rating given for quarterly grade cards.

*Below is an example of the proficiency scales we use to measure student ability.
Your Goal: To ride your bike by yourself.
Exceeding the Standard  
Wow! Not only can you ride your bike by yourself, but you can perform bike stunts such as, popping wheelies and ramp jumps!
Meeting the Standard
Congratulations! You can successfully ride your bike by yourself.
Progressing Toward the Standard
As long as you have someone holding on, you can pedal well and stay upright.
Not Meeting the Standard
Using training wheels, you are able to ride your bike.
In the Eagle Heights art studio we create art using an authentic artistic process (Teaching for Artistic Behavior or TAB) that promotes choice and creative thinking.  This process allows our artists the freedom to explore and experiment, make and learn from mistakes, develop a voice, and create art that is meaningful to him or her! The work is planned and created entirely by the artist! Although they typically do not look like a "Pinterest project," I challenge you to look closer at the pieces coming home and ask your artist about their work.
To learn more about TAB:
To contact Ms. Danner:

Technology and Innovation classes are off to a great start! K-2 students are working on technology skills such as typing and creating Google Slides. Students in 3rd-5th grade have begun research on their first design challenge. We can't wait to show off our wonderful creations at the November 13thCurriculum Night! 6th grade students will begin a service project in the coming month! I can not wait to see what transpires! 

Students in 3rd and 4th grade had the opportunity of joining Coding Club! We have had our first meetings and the excitement in the room was contagious. 5th and 6th grade students will have the opportunity to participate in Coding Club beginning January 9th.  Both clubs will show off their hard work at a showcase evening in May! 

In the month of September, students have explored the new and amazing library at Eagle Heights.  EHE library has provided students with a welcoming, comfortable , and gorgeous place to explore books of all levels. Eagle Heights Library is located in the heart of the building, I hope you will take a minute to get to know Mrs. Bennaka (EHE Librarian) and view pictures of this amazing space from this quick video . I also invite you to explore our EHE library website! It is full of great information with live documents that will be updated often such as the library class schedule, pictures, volunteer information and more.

We have had an exciting start to the year in the music room.  Grades kindergarten and first have learned many new music games and have really enjoyed playing drums from all over the world.  Second grade has learned many games and drum circle activities and have a great start on the ukulele.

Third through sixth grade have worked with the ukulele, drum circle, and are about to embark on a unit on the recorder.  Students third through sixth will need their own soprano recorder, I shared a note with teachers that had details on where to buy one. In addition to playing their soprano recorder students will also get to work with the bass, tenor, alto, and soprano recorders that I have here.
In mid October we will have auditions for The Eagle Heights Singers open to grades third through sixth.  This choir will rehearse before school starting in late October. Our performance season will conclude in December.  I will send home a detailed note regarding rehearsal and performance schedules as well as audition information in the second week of October.
Music Instructor, Eagle Heights Elementary
Physical Education
Please contact with any PE related question!
It has been a busy and exciting time in the counseling office. I have enjoyed introducing myself during classroom lessons and explaining the role of the school counselor. I hope your child now has a better understanding of how they can see the counselor during the school day and the importance of confidentiality in the school setting.
In the month of October our focus will be learning how to be a good friend and bully prevention. As we teach this important topic please take a moment to watch this video to better help your child as you have conversations at home. Learn the difference between normal conflict and bullying.
We believe all students at EHE are awesome! We want this to be a fun place to learn and play. Please reach out to me at anytime if I can be of help to your student. My email is Mrs. Downey
Hello! I'm Tee Mason, the Behavior Interventionist and Crossing Guard you might see in the morning at Eagle Heights Elementary. 
As a Behavior Interventionist, I work closely with the school counselor to identify at-risk students and to determine the most appropriate means of support. I work with individuals, groups, teachers, parents, and the community facilitating positive and healthy behaviors by teaching life skills, goal setting, and encouraging positive outcomes. This is my first year in the District and I love it.
Birthday treats must fit the healthy snack standard in order to be served at school. Please keep in mind that you can order birthday treats from OPAA to ensure that they fit the smart snack standard. Please contact for ordering.
Homemade birthday treats will not be permitted.  Please see the list below for ideas for healthy snacks that may be sent for birthday treats:   
The Healthy Hunger-Free Kids Act of 2010 directed the USDA to establish science-based nutrition standards for all foods and beverages sold and/or served to students in school, during the school day. Smart Snacks in School Beverage Standards can be found here.

A goal at Eagle Heights Elementary is to make learning relevant and prepare our students for future aspirations and challenges. We want to partner with you to engage our students in authentic learning! Do you have projects that students could help with? Would you like to serve as a mentor to students?
Join us for coffee, connections, and brainstorming. 
Please contact or for an invitation to our next event.
     We are excited to partner with our Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) again this year.  
You can be involved as little or as much as you would like. The membership fee contribution supports many student programs: Fall Festival, Tailgate Party, Valentine's Party, Field Day, Field Trips, Labels, and Hospitality! 
Even if you cannot attend meetings, your membership benefits our students directly! Please consider joining or contact PTO Vice President Christy Ford at
Follow Eagle Heights PTO on Facebook!

Eagle Heights Elementary has security system called Ident-A-Kid.
When visitors come into a school building during normal school hours after being "buzzed in",  they'll scan their driver's license or state issued ID, enter information into a kiosk and be issued a visitor badge. 

The purpose is to track both visitors, volunteers and keep children safe.  The system will check each visitor against the national sex offender registry. One kiosk will be in every school building.
After checking in, a badge will be printed with name, date, time, and destination.

If a sex offender tries to check in, administrators will be notified, authorities notified and that person will be asked to leave.
Our mission is to be awesome for kids and in turn be awesome for our community! If you need anything or have questions, please reach out! Together we make a great team!
                     Mrs. Carroll                            Mrs. Schrage
                Assistant Principal                         Principal

Oct. 5:  Homecoming, Early Dismissal at 1 PM
Oct.10:  Late Start Wednesday, K-6 students may arrive at 8:50 AM, School begins at 9:05 AM, No EC Classes
Oct. 15-19:  National School Lunch Week
Oct. 17:  Late Start Wednesday, K-6 students may arrive at 8:50 AM, School begins at 9:05 AM, No EC Classes
Oct. 18:  PTO Label Pick Up
Oct. 18:  Clubs Choice (PTO Fundraiser) Delivery @ Horizon Elementary, 5:30-7:30 PM, Money Collection
Oct. 22-26:  National School Bus Safety Week
Oct. 22-26:  Red Ribbon Week
Oct. 24:  Late Start Wednesday, K-6 students may arrive at 8:50 AM, School begins at 9:05 AM, No EC Classes
Oct. 25-26:  Clay County Public Health Dental Screenings
Oct. 31:  Late Start Wednesday, K-6 students may arrive at 8:50 AM, School begins at 9:05 AM, No EC Classes
Oct. 31:  PTO Sponsored Fall Festival
Nov. 2:  1st Quarter Ends, Early Dismissal 1:00 p.m.
F.L.Y. Day and Assembly
Follow Eagle Heights PTO on Facebook!
Information for Recreational Basketball League 
for the 2018-2019 Season
The Smithville Recreational Basketball League will be starting soon.  Please register online using a credit card.  There is no fee for doing so and it is very easy!  

Visit  this site.  
Simply create an account, click on Register Now in the top left of the screen, click on 2018 Smithville Youth Basketball and then click on Register Online.
$65 - 1 Child
$85 - 2 Children
$100 - 3+ Children
 No child will be turned down for lack of funds.
General Information:
Practices will begin in early November with games starting in early December.  More information will be available on your selection night.
Selection Nights:
Please come to the appropriate selection night time for your child.  Your child will be placed on a team at selection night.
6th Grade Girls: Monday, October 22nd, 6:00 pm - 7:00 pm at Horizon Elementary
6th Grade Boys: Monday, October 22nd, 7:15 pm - 8:15 pm at Horizon Elementary
5th Grade Girls: Tuesday, October 23rd, 6:00 pm - 7:00 pm at Horizon Elementary
5th Grade Boys: Tuesday, October 23rd, 7:15 pm - 8:15 pm at Horizon Elementary
4th Grade Girls: Wednesday, October 24th, 6:00 pm - 7:00 pm at Horizon Elementary
4th Grade Boys: Wednesday, October 24th, 7:15 pm - 8:15 pm at Horizon Elementary
3rd Grade Girls: Thursday, October 25th, 6:00 pm - 7:00 pm at Horizon Elementary
3rd Grade Boys: Thursday, October 25th, 7:15 pm - 8:15 pm at Horizon Elementary
Additional information can be found online at  If you have any questions, please call Brenna Gardino (682-8168). 

You are invited to attend Smithville's Haunted Campground!  Come trick-or-treat at Smith's Fork Campground in Smithville on Saturday, October 27.  Non scary trick-or-treating will occur from 4:00-6:30 PM with the "scare" running from 6:30-8:30 PM.  Parking is available at the soccer and baseball fields.