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Newsletter 01/25/2019

Weekly Newsletter 01/25/2019
January 25, 2019
Hello Warrior Strong Families! What a whirlwind of week we’ve had! I hope this was the last of our snow days and now we can get back into a structured routine for second semester. At the start of this new semester it is important to reflect and make changes where changes are necessary. One change that we have made at the high school is to protect learning time by holding students more accountable for tardies. Please check in with your teens and discuss the importance of being on time. We start over at semester so everyone has a clean slate with tardies. Once a student receives their third tardy in one block they receive a consequence and they begin to have less freedom. We have high expectations to meet and being on time definitely makes a difference so that learning time is not lost. When students arrive late to their first block with McDonald’s, QT, or other fast food items they are placed on the table out front until their passing time and encouraged to leave earlier if they intend to make a stop. Let’s begin this semester with good habits and excellence in mind! #WarriorSTRONG #StartSTRONG2ndSemester
Your Proud Principal,
Dr. Platt
Reminder: BOE Recognition Awards Night is January 28th at 7:00 pm.
Monday’s Matter
This is a good time to talk about Social Media and the use of cell phones. The students discussed this during warrior time this week and this lesson will open up important conversations about how much time we all spend on our phones.   
Here are the steps to the video:
Please visit the website Link.
Click on Login. Username: smithvillestaff Password: finishstrong2018
Go to “Browse by Keyword” and scroll over to “Digital Detox”
Scroll down to Season 4: Episode 13: Social Media
Here are the critical thinking questions. 
Critical Issues
Here is a link for an article that includes helpful information regarding cell phones. Cell phones are one of the biggest issues we face at the high school. Our current practice is that cell phones should not be used (or even seen) for the first 60 minutes of class. Students are allowed breaks where they are able to utilize them at times but we do try to limit the use of cell phones as much as we can.
Warrior Shout outs:
The Archery team competed in the 3rd Annual Furious Flurries Tournament at Platte City middle school on Saturday morning.
Hailey Muller placed 2nd in 10th grade girls 
Laney Hancock placed 3rd in 10th grade girls
Aidan Iorio placed 4th in 10th grade boys 
And Paun our foreign exchange student took 1st in 12th grade boys, this was his first and he just started with the team just before winter break!
Great Job!
Varsity Boys Wrestling team took 1st at the Platte County Tournament this past weekend! Awesome Job!
Congratulations to SHS FCCLA on their success at Region 14 STAR Events. We had 11 competitors and 2 volunteers. 2 teams and 3 individuals competitors received Gold, and 2 of these teams and the 2 individuals advanced to State Competition. These students will attend State Leadership Conference & Competition March 17th-19th.
The Smithville Dazzlers will compete at Regionals at Lee’s Summit North High School on Saturday. The Dazzlers will compete at 10:00 and 2:00. GOOD LUCK!
Congratulations to James Larson for a starring role in the upcoming play "Over the Tavern" at the Corbin Theatre Company!
Due to inclement weather days, our last day of school is now June 4th. This will be an early release day.
Free and Reduced Meal Benefits for Furloughed Employees
Furloughed employees are eligible to apply for free or reduced meal benefits during their furlough period. A meal application must include the income of all household members.  During the furlough period, meal benefits will be approved based on the information provided on the completed Free and Reduced . An electronic application is available HERE.
Workers granted meal benefits during their furlough period are asked to terminate their free/reduced price status should the economic hardship they anticipated due to the furlough be remedied by a return to work and/or restoration of pay for the furlough period.
In addition, families should be made aware that if they are selected for verification during the school year, they will be required to produce documentation of actual income for the application month.  
For further information contact Wayne Krueger, Assistant Superintendent for Support Services at
Miles of Smiles is Coming!
Miles of Smiles is a full service dental program that provides FREE dental care to children in the Northland. Miles of Smiles dental program will be at Smithville School District from February 5th – February 28th. Click HERE to visit the website and register! Please have the form completed by January 31st. If you have questions, please contact Lisa Manz at
Student Fees
Please check your student's Power School account and pay outstanding fees thru the online RevTrak system as soon as possible. Fees were not collected at the beginning of the year due to online registration. Second semester fees for new classes will be added the week of February 11th
Date and Time: May 4th from 8:00 p.m. -12:00 a.m.
Location: The View at Briarcliff
tickets will go on sale mid April
More information to come.
Smithville Winter Guard Friends and Family Preview night!
Friday, Feb 1st, at 7:30 p.m.
Middle School Gym
Doors open at 7:00 p.m.
Attention Seniors!
Seniors have been asked to start bringing in both a baby picture and a senior photo, to be shown in the presentation. Ms.Hanrion would prefer a baby photo and senior photo taken with their phones and sent to Ms. Hanrion because there were some issues with photos that were scanned last year. But if you would prefer to bring in a photo to have it scanned that would be great too!
If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to Ms. Hanrion at
New Graduation date for NCC Students!
The date of graduation for NCC students has been changed to May 18th.
Upcoming Events:
February 6: Mascot Game-5:00 p.m.-9:00 p.m.
February 9: SHS Warrior Fest Dance
February 25: Start of Track and Field
February 28: March 2nd-Smithville High School Theatre Presents "Leaving Iowa"
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