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Newsletter 02/21/2019

Weekly Newsletter 02/21/2019
That picture says it all! I never imagined we’d have so many snow days and so sporadically. Hopefully we’ve seen the last of it! Regardless of what mother nature brings us, the end of the quarter is right around the corner. It is extremely important that students are paying attention to deadlines and keeping up with assignments. Mid-term is Thursday, February 28th and any student who has a failing grade should receive communication from the teacher. Please check Powerschool as well and let us know if you have any questions.
There is a parent meeting on Sunday evening at 6:00 pm for anyone interested in participating in a spring sport. We will meet in the Performing Arts Center first with all sports where Mr. Shaffer, our athletic director, will share information and then each group will head to a specific location to receive specifics for their sport. 
Each semester we hold a Key Communicators meeting at the high school. This is a time where parents can share information or concerns with our central office staff. Dr. Schuetz, our superintendent, Mr. Krueger, Assistant Superintendent over support services such as transportation, food service, maintenance etc. and Dr. Kratofil, our Assistant Superintendent over academic services will all be present to answer any questions or concerns that you may have regarding the high school or district now or in the future. If you are interested in attending this meeting please email me The meeting is March 4th at 6:00 pm in the high school library. #WarriorSTRONG #NoMoreSnow
Your Proud Principal,
Dr. Platt
Monday’s Matter
I can confidently say that ALL high school students struggle at times with their identity and peer pressure. Too many of our students struggle with anxiety due to the worry and stress of thinking about what other people think of them. In this episode of the Harbor, Mike talks about the fact that we should not base our identity on the groups we are a part of or the people we hang with. Instead, we should base our identity on our experiences and stop trying to “fit” in. This is a great way to start a conversation with your teen on their thoughts about identity and who they are.
Here are the steps to the video:
Please visit the website Link.
Click on Login. Username: smithvillestaff Password: finishstrong2018
Scroll down to Season 5: Episode 19: Identity
Here are the critical thinking questions. 
Critical Issues
Random student drug testing forum is March 5th at 6:30 pm in the high school cafeteria. Here is the link for more information. Please register if you plan to attend so we can ensure we have enough supplies prepared. We appreciate you providing you input on this topic as we explore this critical issue.
Warrior Shout outs:
It is my pleasure to inform you the students listed below have earned the Distinguished Student Leader Award from the Missouri Association of Student Councils. Way to go!
Noah Bonner
Karington Kadel
Ethan Kershaw
Kinsey Luebbert
McKenna McGuire
Jazlyn Peace
Karsen Vincent
Maren Williams
Mrs. Perkins' students participated in the Scholastic Writing Contest. 40 writing pieces were selected as Honorable Mention, Silver Key, and Gold Key. Gold Key pieces are currently being judged at the national level in NYC. Winning writers have been invited to a ceremony March 1st at the Write to Learn Conference. Some of the winning writers are pictured here, and a list of all winners is also attached. 
CONGRATS, Scholastic Winners!!!!
GOLD KEY (these writings have moved on to the National Competition and are currently being judged in New York):
Kristen Rodgers
Alyssa Edwards
Amanda Holt
Anna Snodderly
Caleb Teachout
Emily Snodderly
Charley Lincoln
Madi Sahl
Sadie Blacketer
Delaney Bragg
Zach Carroll
Josi Billings
Noah Cline
Bailey Bryant (2 pieces)
Mariah Hirst
Bri Lewis
Caitlyn Marshall
Paige Myers
Kira Nixon
Brenna Novitski
Carter Pate
Colton Roach
Emily Snodderly
Honorable Mention:
Makayla Ferguson
Jordan Gulotta
Summer Heckert (2 pieces)
Delaney Hirst
Riley Hoard
Madi Hollaman
Alex Lake
Emily Knight
Carlisle Palmer
Jonah Palmer
Annie Postlewait
Joseph Sanders
Regan Schmidt
Caleb Teachout
Nevin Voth
Olivia Breeze
Change of Date!
The Son's of the American Legion Breakfast to benefit the Smithville FFA Chapter during National FFA Week, has been cancelled for Saturday February 17th, 2019 and rescheduled for the Saturday February 23rd, 2019. The location and times will remain the same 7:00 A.M. to 10:00 A.M.
February 23rd
10:00a.m.-12:00 p.m.
Buy A Senior Tribute for the 2018-2019 Yearbook!
We know you are so proud of your teen’s accomplishments. Tell them how great they are by purchasing a Senior tribute in the Smithville High School yearbook.
Use a tribute to congratulate your graduating Senior or even acknowledge a special academic or athletic achievement during the school year. An ad in the yearbook allows you to recognize your Warrior with photos and words. While the yearbook lets your student remember all the special people and events from
the school year, the personal touch of an ad will make the book that much more special for them.
Senior tributes are available in a variety of sizes and prices. Tributes are easy to order through
If you have any questions or would like more information, please feel free to contact the yearbook staff at
Danielle Martin
Adviser, Smithville Media Network
Spring Sports are coming!
Please remember to have your sports physical turned in and your online Privit completed.
Prom season will be here shortly. Our 2019 Prom & After Prom locations have been picked!
Date: May 4th, 2019
PROM will be at: The View at Briarcliff
AFTER PROM will be at: Main Event 8081 NW Roanridge Road, KC,MO
We are working on many Fundraisers... to help offset the cost of our students attending Main Event. Please help out! 
Clothing Collection and Bake Sale to help support After Prom. 
We are collecting gently used items on Saturday March 16th, from 9am to noon at the Smithville High School parking lot. Please place donated cloth items in garbage bags and other household items in cardboard boxes.
We also have discount cards for Purchases or Rentals from Tip-Top-Tux in Zona Rosa. 
Print this out and bring into the store with you..
We are currently fundraiser with ShopWithScrip -you shop and SHS After Prom receives a percentage from the money spent through this web site. If you haven’t signed up…NOW is the time. ScriptNow cards (E-Cards) are a fast and easy and they are available to use right now from your cell phone. That means you can use them for everyday shopping at Walmart, Sam’s Club, Target & many other stores. Not all stores have e-cards but most do otherwise you can order plastic gift cards and they will ship them to us monthly. The After Prom Committee receives them we will bring them to you.
Enrollment number: 194242FC61362
SHARE this with your family and friends! All donations will support SHS 2019 AFTER PROM event and prizes for our students. 
We really appreciate all your support!
Senior Pictures are needed!
Many of you won't take professional photos until the weather gets nicer. For that reason, Ms. Hanrion has understandably extended the deadline:
1. Please submit your photos (baby and senior) by April 19th, 2019. Ms. Hanrion cannot go past this deadline!
2. If you've already sent Ms. Hanrion your photos in a rushed frenzy to meet the previous deadline and would rather have chosen a different photo, please send Ms H an email with "PREFERRED PHOTO" as the headline with the new photos so I know which to use.
3. Alternatively, if you do NOT want photos of yourself displayed in the slideshow, please let Ms. Hanrion know so that she doesn't keep bothering your senior! Some students have requested this, and that's totally fine!
Attention! Student Fees!
Please check your student's Power School account and pay outstanding fees thru the online RevTrak system as soon as possible. Fees were not collected at the beginning of the year due to online registration. 
Random Student Drug Testing Public Forum
We Want Your Feedback!
An exploratory committee comprised of various individuals including coaches, parents, community members, school staff, healthcare providers, member of local resource agencies, district administration, and a lawyer have been meeting monthly to research current policy and practice related to random student drug testing.
A public forum will be held on Tuesday, March 5 at 6:30 p.m. in the High School Cafeteria. The forum will include an informational session and structured small group discussion. Please register if you plan to attend to ensure appropriate space and resources are available.
The feedback collected during the forum will be considered when preparing a recommendation for the Board of Education.
Upcoming Events:
February 25: Start of Track and Field
February 25: Girls Soccer practice/tryouts begin
February 25- Start of Baseball
February 28- March 2nd-Smithville High School Theatre Presents "Leaving Iowa"
March 5- Random student Drug Testing Parent Forum-6:30 p.m. High School Cafeteria
Laura Edwards - Administrative Assistant
Smithville High School
816.532.0405 Fax 816.532.4193
645 S Commercial, Smithville, MO 64089