Graphic of Students Celebrating

The 2021-2022 school year was the first year of the Warrior Preschool Program, a tuition-based preschool program at Smithville School District. The goal of our Warrior Preschool Program is to provide students with an opportunity to engage with peers and educators, giving a head start on school readiness skills in a real school environment. Mrs. Heidi Uptegrove, preschool educator, stated, “The honor of being an Early Childhood Educator has awarded me the opportunity to provide learning experiences to bright young minds and offered the freedoms necessary to expose these students to all the wonders of our awe-inspiring world.“

Warrior Preschool Program is housed at Eagle Heights Elementary School and offers half-day am, half-day pm, and full-day classes. For more information on the Warrior Preschool Program, call Brenda Dion at (816) 532-0406.