Pair O’ Dice Game Club is held on Thursdays after school in Room 209. It features strategic tabletop gaming and provides students a forum in which to compete with each other in games rife with problem-solving and critical thinking skills. At various times, Pair O’Dice includes Board Games, Card Games, Roleplaying Games, Dexterity Games, and Tabletop Miniature Games. 

Due to the generosity of several major game companies, our Game Club has a growing library of tabletop options to choose from, based on everything from battlefield strategy to economic simulations to monsters rampaging through downtown Tokyo. Pair O’Dice is also part of the Warhammer 40K Schools program.

Pair O’ Dice participants will practice strategic thinking and social skills, sportsmanship, and group problem solving; all while having a great deal of fun. Our special events include holiday and end of the year parties, charitable events, and special competitions. 

Pair o’ Dice Tabletop game club is open to all Smithville High School students, and continued participation is contingent only on positive participation and good sportsmanship.


Mitchell Kline