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Lettering in Theatre

Students can letter in theatre at SHS if they meet the following criteria: 

Be involved with 2 or more mainstage productions in a given school year. A mainstage production is defined as a full-length play rehearsed outside of the school day in which auditions were offered to the entire student body. In-class shows and performances do not qualify, nor  do one-acts 


Earn 10 ITS (International Thespian Society) points. A “point” is earned by completing 10 hours of excellent work in the theatre. This can include acting in a show, working backstage for a  show, or helping with set construction/painting/costumes/etc. Work completed for class credit does not earn ITS points. 

Students must ALSO remain in good standing academically and behaviorally at Smithville High  School. This means that students should not receive a failing grade in any of their courses for a semester. Additionally, any suspension from school whether it is out-of-school or in-school shall disqualify students from lettering in theatre.


Dalton Pittenger
Theatre Director