Preparing Smithville Students for K-12 and Beyond

The only constant in curriculum development is that curriculum is always changing!  As new standards, instructional strategies, resources or digital devices that will enhance student learning become available, school districts adjust curriculum to include them appropriately and effectively.  The Smithville School District is currently adjusting curriculum due to changes in the Missouri Learning Standards established by the state.

The Missouri Learning Standards encompass many standards such as national competencies in business, career/technical areas, and family and consumer science; grade-level and course-level expectations in science, social studies, health and physical education, foreign language and fine arts; and Common Core standards in English language arts and mathematics.

In the curriculum development process, these standards are but one piece of the curriculum puzzle.  As curriculum units are developed, other considerations include the unique needs of our community and students as well as the mission and vision of the Smithville School District.  Ultimately, the standards are simply the “destination” of our students’ learning; the means of getting to that destination is up to us as an educational community to determine.

The curricular units and assessments created by Smithville teachers will help our students as they prepare for the world beyond our campus.  By incorporating critical thinking, real-world application, creativity, collaboration and problem-solving into our day-to-day learning, Smithville students will be better prepared to realize their dreams as they become productive, informed citizens in the not so distant future. 

Missouri Learning Standards 

The Missouri Learning Standards define the knowledge and skills students need in each grade level and course for success in college, other post-secondary training and careers. These grade-level and course-level expectations are aligned to the Show-Me Standards.

In January 1996, Missouri adopted the Show-Me Standards, a demanding set of content and process standards that have proved to be an excellent frame of reference for student performance in Missouri. Grade-level expectations (GLEs) were then developed to provide grade by grade targets for instruction for teachers.


In the 2017 legislative session, the Missouri General Assembly passed a law referred to as MOCAP which allows more access to online learning for Missouri students. The intent of MOCAP is to:  

  • Expand the range of courses and opportunities offered to students  

  • Offer courses for students where there are no qualified teachers to teach the course  

  • Offer students a course not offered by their school district  

  • Provide high quality instruction to students in extenuating circumstances that prevent them from attending school 

To qualify for MOCAP consideration, it must be in the best interest of the student and the student must meet the following criteria:  

  • The student must be enrolled full-time and have attended a Missouri public school the previous semester.  In most cases, the course requested is not offered in any way by the district.  

  • Taking the course  would not cause the student to exceed full time enrollment. 

A team consisting of administrators and counselors will determine eligibility for MOCAP. Applications for MOCAP must be completed and turned in to the counseling center by the end of the registration process, late applications must be submitted no later than the first week of each new semester. 

Please contact your building counselor for more information.

Visual Media Protocol

In compliance with federal copyright laws, the district has a protocol in place to regulate the use of visual media in the classroom.  All documents and forms associated with this policy are available below.

If you have questions regarding the protocol, please see your building principal or Michelle Kratofil.

View the document.