Volunteer Screening

Community and parent volunteers are important to Smithville School District. We value their service and the contribution they make to the district's schools. In order to keep our children safe, the district will conduct a screening before any volunteer is placed in a position where he or she may be left alone with a student.

For Volunteers Working in A Classroom or School Office and Chaperone:

  1. Please Complete the Smithville School District Volunteer Form

For Volunteer Coaches & Volunteers Working Alone w/ A Student:

  1. Please Complete the Smithville School District Volunteer Form

  2. Visit https://healthapps.dhss.mo.gov/BSEES/Main.aspx to register with the Family Care Safety Registry.

  3. Visit http://www.machs.mo.gov to register to be fingerprinted. Use the 4-digit reason code, 0470, when registering.

  4. Return the completed Volunteer Guidelines Acknowledgement Form, and Technology Usage Agreement Form to an Administrative Assistant in the building where you will be volunteering. The form will be forwarded to the Human Resources Office.

  5. The Human Resources Office will notify the Administrative Assistants of the results when the screening process is complete. The process can take up to two weeks to complete.


District employees may decline the service of any volunteer. If you have questions about volunteer screenings, contact the Human Resources Office at 816-532-0406.