Smithville School District was recently awarded the Real World Learning Grant by the Kauffman Foundation. With the funds from this grant the District has been able to implement a new role, the Real World Learning (RWL) and Community Partnership Facilitator. This position will cooperatively work with Academic Services to implement the career awareness and preparedness tactics of our strategic plan. 

Carol Noecker has filled this role at Smithville School District. She has many ties to businesses and community organizations from her experiences prior to joining the district. Carol Noecker stated, “I am thrilled to be a part of the Smithville School District as their Real World Learning and Community Partnership Facilitator.  As a parent, I recognize that our students are lacking in practical experience.  This role allows me to collaborate with other metro districts to focus on providing authentic experiences that better prepare our students for college, career and life.  Our partnership with the Kauffman Foundation provides clear direction for attaining Market Value Assets through internships, client projects, college credit, industry-recognized credentials and entrepreneurial experiences.  With these experiences, students will be able to leverage their learning and apply it to real world situations.”

The 2021-2022 school year will mostly be spent designing and planning the district's RWL strategic plan under the direction of our design team, which is made up of staff and community members.  Noecker said “My relationships with the business community has allowed me to begin work on some pilot projects, as well as enhancing some of our existing programs.  Our teachers have already been doing some innovative things to bring the real world to the classroom, and it's an exciting time to continue that work with a plan that will help our students discover their real world potential.”


Carol Noecker 
Real World Learning and Community Partnership Facilitator
(816) 532-0406 ext. 7077