Occupational Therapy Services RFP 2022

Physical Therapy Services RFP 2022

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Strategic Planning RFP 2022

Strategic Planning RFP Q&A

  1. The RFP mentions a start date in the fall. We are assuming that would be September 2022 but would like to confirm that is your thinking as well.  September would be ideal; October at the latest.

  2. Is there a budget or budget range for this project?  We do not have a budget or budget range.

  3. Do you have any examples of the “Portrait of a Graduate” activity that you like or would like to emulate?  Here are a few examples of finished products from surrounding districts.  Liberty Public Schools Graduate Profile  North Kansas City Schools Portrait of a Graduate

  4. Has the landscape shifted, process adjusted or dates changed with Dr. Schuetz moving on to NKC?  It has not shifted.  We will go ahead with strategic planning in the fall as planned.

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