SSD Receives "Good" Rating Graphic

State Auditor Nicole Galloway announced today the results of a citizen-initiated audit of the Smithville R-II School District (Audit Report). The petition of qualified voters within the Smithville R-II School District boundary triggered the audit on March 12, 2020. The report, which gives a rating of “Good,” which is defined as well managed, is accompanied with a few suggestions for improvement. The Board of Education acknowledges the recommendations provided by the state auditor's office and has indicated most or all recommendations have already been, or will be implemented. The report does not identify any fraud, misappropriation of funds, material violations of state law, governance issues, employment concerns, or disregard of District policy or best accounting practices.

“The results of our audit, conducted by the State of Missouri’s Auditors Office, verify we are acting as good stewards of taxpayer dollars,” said Mrs. Denise Harwood, interim superintendent. “The Smithville R-II School District works every day to maximize every cent to provide high-quality teaching and learning. We are taking excellent care of our resources and continue to place our students first.”

The favorable results of this audit are consistent with every annual audit conducted of the Smithville R-II School District’s finances and financial practices. Annual audit results, as well as current and past budget documents and monthly financial statements are available on the District website. Please contact the District Business Office at 816-532-0406 for additional information.